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Judge Not…Pray For

The other evening a friend and I met for dinner. We decided to dine outdoors and nestled ourselves in a corner where the trees and nature enveloped us.  Although we were along side a busy street, it felt as if we were in an outdoor cafe in Europe.

We ordered our meal and began catching up as we had not seen each other in quite some time.  All was going well until our food was delivered. My friend had ordered a salad with several slices of broiled salmon layered atop the greens. As she ate the salmon she uncovered a bowl of extremely wilted and unappetizing greens.

We kept expecting the waitress to return at any moment, but she more or less forgot about us, never returning to make sure we were enjoying ourselves.  When she finally come around my friend pointed out the inedible condition of the salad. The waitress didn’t have much to say except, “well you seemed to eat enough of the salmon.” 

I found myself judging the waitress. Running off in my head about the poor service and her seemingly uncaring attitude about my friend’s bad meal. As I was driving to our next destination, an evening meditation service, I realized something about the waitress. She was an older woman. She looked tired and a bit worn by her years. Realizing that it was not her desire to offer poor service, more to the point…she probably didn’t want to be doing what she found herself doing…waitressing. I began to pray for her. I actually prayed that she would hit the lottery or would have a windfall of some sort that would allow her to do whatever it is that would make her happy.

During the evening’s meditation I heard these words…JUDGE NOT – PRAY FOR.  These words have embedded themselves in my head. I have learned over the years to be curious instead of judgemental and sometimes judgement does creep in. These words have been very useful to me over the past few weeks and I wanted to share them with you. Maybe the next time you find yourself judging someone or even judging yourself…just say a little prayer.

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