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An excerpt from, From Stage IV to Center Stage.

Two weeks later I was gazing out the 11th floor waiting room window of Mass Eye andEarHospital. It was just eight months ago when I looked out these windows for the first time, scared and confused.

That was last September when a team of doctors had told Deleta, Marsha and me, “If she doesn’t move into treatment quickly, she may not be here for Christmas.”

They had briefed us that day about my particular cancer. That was the first time I heard the words, “neck dissection.”

That was the day I had seriously considered dying. I begged my family and friends to support me in my decision to never allow these doctors to dissect my neck.

Now eight months later on this day in May, I waited for Dr. Deschler to remove thirty six staples from where he had masterfully removed the left side of my neck. Is my lesson never say never? Maybe a more poignant lesson was that life is precious, and preserving life is what human beings do.

Eight months ago fear reared its head as a protective mechanism, and over time bowed its head to faith. Faith expanded and infused my life and proved to me the true protector is Divine guidance and the exquisiteness of the universe. (End)

When our faith is stronger fear has no choice but to bow.  Where are you fearful? Where are you wanting to step off but fear is holding you back? Be gentle with yourself during this inquiry and trust what you know.

Many blessings on your journey.


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