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I wrote this prayer a very long time ago and I say this prayer each day. Sometimes I say it several times a day. Immersed in the energy of oneness keeps me focused and on track knowing that I am walking on sacred ground and with every step I take I am moving in the direction of my highest and best.

Let’s take a closer look at this prayer.


I AM THAT I AM, said God when Moses asked his name. In Hebrew it is pronounced Ehyeh asher ehyeh.  Another translation is “Supreme Being.”

The Oneness is Supreme Being…the energy that is omnipresent and omniscient, the intelligence that knows only good, only health, only passion and compassion, and perfection of patterns. It knows only divine connection and divine alignment, and joy and peace and most importantly it knows only love.

In the oneness there is no recognition of anything negative because it simply does not exist. Connecting with and melding into that place of oneness and perfection catapults us in the direction of our soul’s purpose.

PUTS MY FEET TO MY SOUL’S PURPOSE…the masters say, “you have to put your feet to it.” We can accomplish much with visualization and intention and…we have to put our feet to it. When we are in our oneness nothing can stop us from putting our feet to our soul’s purpose. It is effortless and with ease and grace we can trust that when we don’t know, and we don’t always need to know, because God knows. The oneness knows. The universal intelligence knows.

We do not have to make everything an arduous task. And yes…every step we take is an affirmation that we are moving in the direction of our highest and best because in our oneness there is no other direction.

Each of us has a soul purpose. Some may not have found it yet or maybe some have found it but they don’t believe what is showing up is actually it. It may be too challenging to accept their soul purpose or maybe, just m-a-y-b-e it is too simple so we discount it. But I believe everyone has a unique expression, our own unique imprint for the planet.

The last teleclass I participated in was Caroline Sutherland’s 7 day detox program. I actually released myself from my sugar and wheat addiction. AMAZING…(Louise Hay) Caroline said, it is important to be healthy and feel good. Not simply to be healthy and feel good. We want this for a greater reason. It is for the purpose of your soul’s purpose so you can be strong and ready to answer the call each and every time. To feel up to the task of fulfilling your purpose whatever that is. Especially now when the energies are accelerated and moving at rapid fire speed, shifts and changes are taking place and we want to be able to keep up.

Outside of the recognition of our oneness we easily fall into the traps of our ego and our personality. Those guys are always pulling at us and wanting us to think they are keeping us safe but in reality, that’s not true. My ego and my Italian personality wants me to eat cookies every night and eat pizza and ice cream but the oneness that I am aligns me with my higher purpose and strengthens me to stay the course, to be in divine alignment so I can fulfill my purpose and do what God has asked of me and encouraged me to do.

And the most important line of this prayer is the last line. With an open and grateful heart I say thank you God, thank you God, thank you God. Gratitude…Thank you is the most profound prayer we can say; Especially when we say it to one another. Sincerely giving thanks not only helps us recognize our blessings it keeps them flowing.

God bless.

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YOU are a MIRACLE…so therefore you are a MIRACLE Magnet.

 A magnetized piece of steel can attract and carry 12 times its weight. A demagnetized piece of steel will not attract so much as a feather. In order for us to be a miracle magnet we MUST magnetize ourselves to attract and carry with us the miracles that are meant for us throughout each day. It is important to access and amplify the inner magnetic power within us. The miracle of our mind is where we begin to magnetize ourselves to receive these miracles.

 Because of surviving Stage IV throat and neck cancer in 2005 some people refer to me as a miracle. In some ways they are precisely correct…I am a miracle and so are they. And so is each and every one of YOU.

      We are the miracle of life; breathing, swallowing, our bodily functions are all miracles. I’m certain you would all agree with me that the birth of a child is a HUGE miracle. Please let me remind you that however many years ago YOU were once that miracle of a child being born. Nothing has changed.

 A Course in Miracles says, “The recognition of GOD is the recognition of yourself.”

If God offers us these miracles each and every day in every way and we recognize God and ourselves as one then we too can attract the miracles that are so abundantly available. We need to be open to them and we need to realize we are deserving of these miracles.

There are several ways to magnetize ourselves. One of the simplest ways I know is to spend time in childlike awe and wonder moment by moment. This raises our consciousness, raising our consciousness raises our vibration, raising our vibration raises our magnetic force for all the good that the universe has for us.

 Expect miracles. For some we expect everything but. We are shocked when miracles happen. Lets begin to live our lives with the opposite reaction. Be shocked when miracles don’t happen. We are on guard, fearful, and waiting for something to go wrong.  Instead of thinking there is something against you follow the Gary Simmons approach from the “I” of the Storm….Nothing and no one is against me.  The universe is weighted in my favor. Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives. To live an abundant life is our birthright. This is a little prayer I say to start my day…

Lord, you are a miracle maker and I am a miracle magnet. I know there are miracles divinely designed and aligned for me today. I am ready, willing, able and open to receive each and every one so bring ‘em on because I AM A MIRACLE MAGNET. Thank you in advance for a miraculous day.

YOU are a miracle therefore you are a miracle magnet.  Like attracts like so if you are clear you are a miracle you can’t help but attract miracles.

 God bless you.




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