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Traveling from Los Angeles to Nashville last week I was holding a ticket for a seat in row 23A. Not my favorite section of the plane. I love to sit above the 15th row, preferably in row 5. 

Upon my arrival I attempted to change my seat and the kind woman at the counter said, “I’m sorry, the flight is sold out and there is no chance of getting you a window seat in any row above where you are already seated.” Okay. So be it. I’ll endure the 4 hours to Nashville in seat 23A.

Just prior the door being closed a large man looked down at the middle seat between Joe and me (Yup, I make friends pretty quickly with those around me on long flights) and nods affirming he has to squeeze into the seat between us. Hmmmm…..

A few minutes later, I am feeling this man’s discomfort. I love the window seat because I don’t love to fly and it helps me remain calm to look out the window but I’m feeling selfish because I know this guy would be a whole lot more comfortable in my seat. So…I ask, “Would you like the window seat? It will probably give you a little more room.” The man’s eyes lit up and he accepted my offer.  

Not two minutes later, about the time we were to switch, a young boy, maybe the age of 12 tells me I’m in his window seat. A flight attendant isn’t far behind him asking for my boarding pass. Well…some how they double booked that seat and the attendant asked if I would like to move to a window seat in row 14?  

Voila!!! God always has a plan and is always looking out for ways to help us manifest our dreams and desires. There is always a way when we don’t get in the way and we look for ways to help another. 

In-joy your day.

Much love, Denise


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